Brittany Salay, the owner of Hey Salay

Brittany Salay

digital artist • Game designer • Twitch Streamer

Brittany Salay is a digital artist and 2017 National Novel Writing Month winner that grew up in Parma, Ohio, drawing from the moment a crayon touched her hand. In her last two years of high school, she studied in the Visual Communications Vocational, also known as Viscom, earning certifications in Visual Arts. She went on to study at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2012, earning her BFA in Game Design in May 2016.

While at CIA she worked on a number of digital games, including Poof Paradise, Oracle of Niruda, and Frilly's Flight, but learned that her true passion was in card and board game design. For their senior thesis, her and her project partner, Craig Waterman, created a team-based battle card game called Hunting Grounds. The team is still hard at work, redesigning and expanding the Hunting Grounds universe into a larger game beyond the scope of their thesis with their indie company, Aethersphere Games.

During the summer season of 2017, she worked as Caricature Lead and Manager at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. There, she discovered her love for caricatures and face painting, adding a new range of skills to her growing repertoire. 

After her time at the zoo, Brittany formed Hey Salay, the lovely site you're visiting now!

​Brittany has worked on numerous creative projects since then, from the creation of her very own pin designs, to serving as the sole artist for Multidimensional Accelerator, Christina Schwind of Lightbody Therapeutics. Her creative endeavors continue to expand as she finds more and more creative hobbies to be involved in.


Currently, Brittany is working from home as a small business owner! She's designing pins for others and creating indie games while completing freelance illustrations and writing comics. All of this, while streaming it for you on Twitch and Picarto (ages 18+).