What is the process to commission you?

First of all, I would like to thank you! So you want to commission HeySalay? Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Review Your Options: Visit www.heysalay.com/illustration-prices to get an idea of what kind of art is within your budget. You can also find this link under the "commission" tab.
  2. Commission Query: After you have reviewed all of your options, go to www.heysalay.com/order to fill out an Illustration Commission Query Form. You can also just click the "Commission Now!" button.
  3. Review Terms of Service: Before you hit Submit, review the Terms of Service on the HeySalay website: www.heysalay/terms
  4. Submit Query: After you have reviewed and agreed to all the Terms, you may hit Submit and send your Illustration Commission Query Form to the Artist.
    • NOTE: This does not guarantee you a commission spot, this just starts a conversation between you and the Artist on what type of artwork you would like.
  5. Contact: The Artist will email you within three (3) business days to notify you of your accepted or rejected Commission Query.
  6. Commission Agreement: If you are accepted, the Artist will draft a Commission Agreement for you to electronically sign and return.
    • It is at this time that you should mention any changes you would like to make to the contract and your commission.
  7. Standby Status: Once the signed Commission Agreement is received by the Artist, your name will go on under a "Standby Slot" in the Commission Slots section of the Order page.
    • If there are no Standby Slots available, the Artist will notify you and ask if you would like to be next in line in her Commission Queue.
    • If there are no Active Slots available, the Artist will notify you as soon as the next Active Slot becomes free. The Artist asks you to refrain from paying until there is a free Active Slot available.
  8. Payment: Go to www.PayPal.me/heysalay to pay the Artist the agreed upon commission price.
    • You are responsible for paying the exact amount on the Commission Agreement.
    • Double check that the amount you are paying is correct before sending money.
    • The Artist is not responsible for any mistakes and will not issue refunds.
    • The Artist will not begin any work until the commission has been paid in full.
  9. Active Status: When your commission has been paid in full, you will move to an Active Slot.
    • The status of your commission can be found beside your request title in parentheses so you know what stage your commission is at.
  10. Screenshots: You have the right to request screenshots of your commission every step of the way (just be reasonable about the frequency of your requests).
    • Please note that the Artist may not respond immediately if you message her outside of Business Hours.
    • You may not request any changes that were not agreed upon in the Commission Agreement or made after the Start of Work.
  11. Cancellation Policy: The Artist has the right to cancel the Commission at any time, either due to personal reasons or due to poor customer relations.
    • In the event of a personal event, the Customer will be refunded in full.
    • In the case of poor customer relations, the customer will be warned once. If they do not comply, they will be removed from the commission slot with no refund.
  12. Completed Commission: When the Artist is finished, she will email the client a high-resolution .jpeg, .png, .gif, or other image (at customer's request), and a lower resolution version that is useful for posting online.
    • Please make sure to always credit the artist when you post this image online, and use the lower resolution version in public spaces.
Many of these are elaborated upon in the Terms page.

How long does it take you to finish a commission?

This varies between each commission type, but there is a handy way to figure out an estimated time: (final commission price)/10 + 2 = (estimated completion hours) Your commission may take more or less time depending on the complexity of your order and the amount of revisions that must be made. Hey Salay only works on commissions during her Official Business Hours, unless she has appointments early in the day which push her work hours later into the evening. The Official Business Hours are Monday-Thursday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm ET Although she often finishes her work quickly, Hey Salay asks that you give her one week to complete your commission, especially if all active commission slots are full.

How many revisions can I make during the Commission Process?

The short answer: You cannot make any changes after the Start of Work, unless agreed upon in the Commission Agreement beforehand. The long answer: During your initial dialogue with the artist, you may request the following:

  1. Up to three (3) thumbnail sketches of your illustration before the Artist starts the final process of drawing your commission.
    • The client will choose their final composition from these thumbnail sketches.
    • Each additional thumbnail will be $3 each.
  2. Up to two (2) sketch revisions during the Sketch phase of the commission.
    • These cannot be composition changing requests.
    • These can be minor character and background revisions.
    • Each additional revision is $3 each.
  3. One (1) color change during the Flat Color phase of the commission.
  4. NO revisions will be taken after the Flat Color phase of the commission.
  • This must be put into the Commission Agreement before it is signed.

How do I pay you for a commission?

I currently use PayPal for all orders! After you send back your signed commission agreement, I will send a PayPal Invoice to your email. Through this invoice, you can pay me using Debit, Credit, or PayPal. Remember, I will only start your commission once I have received full payment! If you do not pay within seven (7) days, you will forfit your spot to the next commissioner in line.

Where can I display my commission?

The Short Answer:

  • First, notify HeySalay that you intend to use your commission online so she can provide a web-ready version.
  • You can display the web-ready version of your commission on your online profiles as long as you post it without any alterations and include the watermark on the image.
  • You must also credit Brittany Salay or Hey Salay (your preference) and link back to www.heysalay.com.
The Long Answer: This is an exerpt from the Commission Terms of Service: Profile(s): Online locations where the commission may be displayed (e.g., "galleries," such as www.heysalay.com, Facebook and Instagram Albums, DeviantART.com, Tumblr.com, etc). "Profile(s)" do not include any sites that display hateful or racist imagery, illegal activities, or sites known to display, reproduce, and/or sell works without crediting the Artist. Additionally, no Commission may be displayed without notifying the Artist first, or as agreed upon in the Commission Agreement. . . . 10. The Client may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the Commission, beyond the resale of the original, [traditional art] Commission, or as it applies to new Terms of Service agreed upon in a Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement as defined in the Definitions section herein. 10a. The Client may not edit, alter, or trace the Commission without the Artist's expressed, written permission, or as agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work. 11. The Client may display the Commission in Profiles as long as the Artist's name ("Brittany Salay") is prominently displayed along with a link to www.heysalay.com. Additionally, any Profile display of the Artist's Commission must notify the Artist, unless already defined in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work. Commissions in Profile displays cannot breach Term 10, Term 10a, or Term 14. 11a. The Client cannot display a Commission outside of Personal Space or in a Public Space unless the Commission is executed under new Terms of Service agreed upon in a Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work. The Client must obtain written permission from the Artist prior to displaying the Commission in a Public Space if not already defined in the Commission Agreement, additional fees may apply. 11b. Under no circumstances may the Client submit a Commission to any kind of contest. . . . 14. If the Commission is for Commercial Purpose, the Artist must be notified prior to the Start of Work. Commercial use of Commission will be decided on a case-by-case basis. New Terms of Service must be written and agreed upon in a Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement before the Start of Work.

When do you charge a rush fee? Why is there a rush fee?

I charge a rush fee of $10 when a commission must be finished the week it is commissioned. I usually won't charge a rush fee if you are the only commissioner because I'll finish quickly.
Why: When I have full commission slots I'll probably be working on your rush commission off of regular business hours. This way other active commissioners get their art in a timely manner. I charge this rush fee because I have to work on my own time to make sure you get the best artwork you can in such a short time.