Brittany's Blog: The Beginning

Hey guys! It's Brittany, your resident digital artist and designer!

I've decided it would be a pretty awesome time to start a blog, considering all the different projects I have going on that I don't often post online. Pins, games, commissions, books... there's a lot I'm working on. I also happen to do most of my blogging over on Patreon, where there's a limited amount of people to access it. Putting a blog on my website is just an easier way to reach out to you guys when I have new ideas for pin projects and other fun things for the Etsy shop! It's also a great way to keep all my updates in one place, without clogging up your Facebook feed. That reminds me! You should still check out my other social media pages! Follow on the platforms you like the most! (:

Main Social Media Links:

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to take this journey! Let me know what kinds of content you would like to see on this blog! Thank you <3

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