Elessea: Fusion Wars

Elessea: Fusion Wars is a story and game about Elementals fighting for the right to Fuse into stronger Elementals in the name of love and harmony, and those who wish to fight against them in the name of order and safety. The full story of Elessea is currently pretty long. The story below is a very short version of the full story.


Story Summary

A planet and its moon, representing Elessea and its single moon, and the elemental essence around it.
Representation of Elessea and its single moon.

In the beginning of Elessea, the six prime essences - or conscious energies - discovered a way to live as Living Elementals by inhabiting crystal and plant vessels and creating elemental bodies for themselves. Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark, they all lived in Harmony.

An island with a forest mountain and beach, representing Elessea.
A representation of the Paradise of Elessea.

As word of this Elemental paradise grew, more and more essence, once slaves to sentient beings in other galaxies, came to the planet in search of a new life. As more beings inhabited the planet, more plants and crystals were taken from the land. This now barren land came to be known as the Primal Grounds.

Dry cracked earth, representing the state of the Primal Grounds.
Representation of the Primal Grounds

After seeing what they had done, the Elementals wept. This combined emotional energy of two friendly Elementals caused the two crystal beings to fuse into one. Water and Fire became Steam. This inspired the Prime Elementals, those who were unfused, to learn all the secrets of fusion. Many chose not to follow this path.

Eventually, the larger Fusion Elementals began to create cities for themselves, outright banning Prime Elementals from entry. This enraged one Water Crystal being so much that they attacked a Lightning Elemental. The Water Crystal was shattered in the altercation, and lost memories of her time within the crystal when she reformed into a new vessel.

A shattered surface, representing the shattering of the first crystal.
A representation of the shattering of the first crystal.

With this new information, the Fusions began to threaten the smaller and weaker Prime Elementals with shattering and derooting, which caused the same effect in plants as shattering did to crystals. They began to control who could fuse, and those were had already fused were the new ruling class. Thus, the Prime Elementals fell in line, for fear of losing their vessels and their memories. They were segregated by element, then crystal or plant type to keep them in line. They lived as servants. They were miserable.

Eventually, colony overseers from the Earth, Light and Dark colonies had a vision that would give them their freedom. They told their respective colonies, then left to find reinforcements. Several weeks later, they returned with more Prime Elementals than the colonies had altogether. They also had Prime Fusions leading the charge - two same element primes that fused together. These Fusions became their heroes. In the end, the Prime Rebellion won, and the first Fusion Wars were won by Prime Elementals, not the Fusions. Earth, Light and Dark became the new leaders and built the colonies into Kingdoms. They even solved the vessel shortage crisis.

Each element had their own Kingdom, but Earth, Light, and Dark ruled together in the center of their ever growing civilization. Fusion was now completely banned unless done by trained professionals for work of the Kingdom, supervised by Fusion Moderators. No one complained openly, but those who loved different element Primes were angry they could not know the level of oneness a Fusion Elemental could. One love between a Light and Dark elemental changed everything.

Obsidian Angel Spirit, a fusion between a Dark Obsidian and a Light Angel Quartz, fused in secret despite the consequences of the law. Their fusion allowed them to fly through the world invisible to the eyes of other Elementals. So, knowing they were already going to be in trouble if discovered, they did every harmless but illegal thing they could. They visited other Kingdoms, flew straight through solid walls. Then they got gutsy enough to flew through the main castle where the Earth, Light and Dark leaders ruled.

There, they were horrified to learn that the Dark and Light Elementals had been placed in prisons, forced to Fuse with Earth Elementals to produce more crystal and plant vessels for the kingdoms to inhabit. Earth had turned their back on the Alliance and allowed their illusion for a perfect society to corrupt them.

So Obsidian Angel Spirit freed all they could before Earth had learned of their escape. Then they told everyone they could of the Earth Leader’s treachery.

Of course, the Earth leaders had also spread the lies that the Light and Dark elements just defected from the Kingdom and were planning an invasion. But many of the Elementals had believed the words of the Obsidian Angel Spirit. Now, there was a new Fusion War. A war to fight for the right to Fuse only with those you want to Fuse with, and to do good as a Fusion!


Okay so what is Fusion Wars going to be? First, a card game! Next? A tabletop RPG.

But that is for another blog post, my friends.

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